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Higher Education is the forward level of studies after High School or equivalent to upper secondary education. Higher Education is formed by different levels and different institutions.
In this site you will find information about the Mexican Education System, particulary about Higher Education.

Entry Procedures

Due to the diversity of Mexican higher education institutions, the requirements and entry procedures are different for each one. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to define what level of studies, what degree or profession, the institution, and the state and city of the Country is the most convenient for you.

Normally the enrollment period is in August and September, but it depends on each institution due to their different modalities.


Higher Technical University

2 years of study degree

Widely specialize in technical and theoretical knowledge in work or study field.

Examples: Technical professional in software development or gastronomy.

Bachelor’s Degree

4 or 5 years of study degree

Advance knowledge in a particular study or work field, in which is required a critical comprehension of theories and principles.

Example: Law or Architecture Bachelor’s Degree, Biochemical Engineering.

Postgraduate Studies

1 or 5 years of study degree

For the enrollment of this level of studies is mandatory to hold a bachelor’s degree and is divided into specialization in a specific field, Master and Doctoral Degree.

Example: Master in Business Administration, Doctorate in Engineering.

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Recognition of Studies

Procedure by which is granted the official validation of studies done abroad. In order to ask for a recognition, studies must be similar with the ones conducted in the Mexican Education System.

If you have studies abroad and need the official validation in Mexico, you have to process your recognition of studies according to the educational level wanted.

If you have a High School Diploma, you must have official recognition to have access to Higher Education studies in Mexico

If you have unfinished studies from a University o Community College, you can have them partially recognized and continue your studies in Mexico in accordance with the major selected

Benefits from the modifications to the General Education Law

The aim is to “reassure students’ mobility all over the country who wish to continue their studies from preschool to university”. President Enrique Peña Nieto

First. The studies recognition process will be more simple by taking out obstacles and paperwork.

  • Complicated requirements, such as apostilled documents, official translations and academic records, that consumed extratime, money and effort, from the students and their families have been eliminated.
  • To sum up, for regulated professions such as law and medicine, revalidation process has been simplified; for unregulated professions, revalidation is almost automatic.

Second. Facilitate student's access to the Mexican Education System, under the principle of trust, disregarding the lack of academic or identity documents, based on two fundamental principles: complete solidarity and absolute confidence.




Facilitates young Mexican students living and studying in the United States of America, who, because of their immigration status, cannot continue their studies at the undergraduate level in that country and wish to join the Mexican higher education institutions.

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Applicants, in addition to the simplified requirements that determine Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the field of revalidation of studies abroad and equivalents of studies, must comply with the following:

  1. Submit the application to join a HEI that participates in PUENTES and indicate the career to which they wish to join; it must belong to the same ​​knowledge area of the ones studied in the USA. The application can be submitted from the date of publication of this call and until November 30, 2017.
  2. Submit the documentation determined by each HEI in accordance with its regulations.

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